5 Benefits of Utilizing WordPress Support Services

benefits utilizing WordPress support services

It takes some people years to fully understand how to use WordPress. In the interim, it is highly advantageous to utilize professional WordPress support. Having a team or individual to turn to instead of Google is always preferable. By actually having someone teach you about WordPress, and managing your WordPress site, you are more likely to retain the knowledge and become an expert in your own right.

1. You Understand the Basic Functionality of Your Site

navigating wordpress website backend

While there are numerous WordPress support services to use, it helps if you know some of the basics of WordPress yourself, it is an advantage that you can communicate with other people in your organization. Here are some questions you should ask yourself.

  • Why did you select WordPress over other hosting services?
  • Who exactly is your host provider?
  • Does a developer own the hosting account, or do you?
  • What security measures do you have to prevent hacking?
  • What is the primary purpose of your website? Is it informational or are you trying to sell something?
  • How often do you need to update your plugins?

In the event a subordinate comes to you with one of these questions, you want to be able to answer it right then and there. You do not want to leave the person hanging, waiting to hear a response.

2. You Can Ask More Informed Questions

Naturally, there is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. After all, that is why WordPress support is there in the first place. It is understandable if you do not know as much about WordPress as the experts, but you still want to be capable of carrying on a conversation.

As an example, say you wanted to add social media icons onto your website that links to your company’s Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. A WordPress beginner may ask something along the lines of, “Where do I put social media icons on my website?” There is a lot to unpack with this inquiry. First, there are plenty of places to put the icons themselves. Additionally, the answer depends on what widgets you are already using on your site.

asking wp agency questions

A more detailed question would be, “Can I put a social media widget on the sidebar of my site?” The sidebar is a specific area and is a lot more informative than simply the side of the site. You will get a much better answer from website maintenance professionals with a more detailed question.

3. You Learn How to Keep Your WordPress Site Secure and Clean

keeping your site clean and secure

There are plenty of articles out there about how to fix a hacked website. However, the best security measures will focus on preventing hacks rather than only responding to them. One part of this is always ensuring your site is up-to-date. You also want to check to see if any plugins or themes you install are secure and not vulnerable to any breaches. One potential strategy to implement is a login lockdown. This stops a specific IP address from trying to log into your WordPress account after a certain number of failed attempts. This is an effective measure against brute force password discover, and it is a useful defense that is merely one component of an overall plan.

4. You Learn When to Update Your Site, Themes and Plugins

Periodically, WordPress offers updates to make your website run more efficiently. You can set it up so that these updates start automatically. However, you also want to pay careful attention to how these new site updates will interact with any plugins or themes you have running on your website. Even if you establish automatic updates, it is still good to have WordPress support professionals run manual updates to make sure everything is still optimal. Ensuring everything is up-to-date prevents total site crashes.

when to update theme plugins

5. You Recognize the Importance of Backing Up and Restoring

importance backup restore site function

Many first-time WordPress users fail to adequately back up their websites. This is an extreme security flaw that puts you at significant risk in the event you end up losing all your data. There are a number of reasons why data can become lost, including a simple administrative error or your organization’s servers going down. Without a backup, it could take days or even weeks to get a website back up-and-running, and during that time, you may lose out on a ton of business. Do not put your livelihood in any jeopardy. Part of effective WordPress support services is getting your website up and running right away after any issues.

If you are not currently benefitting from professional WordPress management services, then now is as good of a time as ever to start. Double Click Digital has an extensive WordPress maintenance plan, and we will take care of all the tedious tasks of maintaining a website you do not want to do yourself.

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