7 Advantages WordPress Management Services Give Your Business

advantages wordpress management services give your business

Your website is the key source of information your business provides to the world. It’s vital to have a site that’s frequently updated with a strong, intuitive design that provides what your customers are looking for and what your team need. So, whether you’re a blogger, a business or an individual who values your web presence, Double Click Digital can help you reach your business and branding goals with our WordPress management services.

Here are the top seven things to love about WP management for your site.

1. More Features

One of the biggest advantages you get from a WordPress management service is access to a host of features for your website. You can add plugins to your site that make your site more interactive and engaging to visitors or readers. Our expert team can help you choose the features that work best for your site and give you more capabilities with your web page.

more technical features

2. Increased Visibility

increased visibility search

A WordPress maintenance plan with our company can also help your company climb up higher in the search engine rankings. We do this by focusing on website performance, optimizing your website loading speed, and spreading the word about your content. You can also opt to have us record your top keywords and analyze how to improve your ability to be found online. This way, you’ll be able to increase the number of site visitors to your place on the web each month.

3. Improved Ease of Use

Partnering with a WordPress support team to help manage your site also makes things much easier for you and your staff. There’s no need to learn complex web development tools or HTML language to get your site to do what you want it to. We can upgrade your user experience and give you an intuitive dashboard tool easily accessed from any web browser. Our team goes further than the basic WordPress navigation and customizes it to reflect your needs, industry, and preferences for your site.

improve use of website

4. Better Time Management

better time management

Time management is another big issue that many business owners, freelancers, and other busy people struggle with. Starting a business and running it takes many steps and countless numbers of hours to make it successful and profitable. Whatever your specialty is, you don’t have to waste those precious hours on coding, troubleshooting and updating your website by yourself anymore. Letting an experienced website management partner like us take over helps give you back your time. This way, you and your team can focus on building a new business or dreaming up innovative ideas.

5. Website Data Security

Data security is an increasingly big problem in the online world. As criminals come up with new ways to steal sensitive information online, it’s up to the experts to develop stronger protections. With a WordPress maintenance service, you don’t have to worry anymore about being vulnerable. You get the latest defense features and rock solid security from malware, hackers or breaches.

top data wordpress security

6. Effortless Update Process

easy wordpress update process

Another way you can benefit from this type of service is with a more streamlined update process. It’s time-consuming and tedious to update WordPress features each day. Some site owners opt to skip these updates and leave their pages open to potential problems, such as bugs, malfunctions or broken links, due to time constraints. A company that manages your site maintenance can take over the updating duties for you, giving you more peace of mind about your functionality.

7. Problem-Free Backups

The last way you can take advantage of a management service for your site is related to data loss. More than half of all businesses are not prepared for a catastrophic loss of data. In many cases, this is because more users than ever don’t backup their data. This means if a hard drive fails or a system goes down, the data goes along with it. This can be a costly mistake. Instead of risking data loss, you can relax and let your hosting service set you up for an ideal schedule of regular backups.

error free wp backups

Get in Touch With Us for Your Custom WordPress Management Solution

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If you want to improve the way your site looks, performs and works for your needs, contact our staff at Double Click Digital today. We can work together to create a custom package that gets you the results you’re looking for from your site.

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